Dietary & Nutrition Counseling

At Northwest Family Clinics, we can create a tailored nutritional plan that takes into account your lifestyle and your food preferences. Our comprehensive approach covers suggestions for recipes, menus and handling eating away from home. 

Diet and exercise are key components in treatment plans for numerous common ailments including; diabetes, heart and kidney disease, allergies and excessive weight gain to name a few. If you are referred by your provider for such issues, a personalized nutrition and dietary program will be designed specifically for you. 

If you are looking for medical guidance as you embark on a personal journey to achieve lifelong changes in eating and exercise habits, we can help. We are here to offer guidance, guidelines and support to aid in the attainment of your goals. The best part - no foods are off limits! 

Keep in mind, many insurance companies reimburse for nutritional counseling. Please check with your provider for referral and coverage information.