What is an independent clinic?

Simply put - an independent clinic is physician owned and operated. 

Physician-owners make all decisions regarding the daily operations of the clinics. It’s the job of the management and administration to support and implement those decisions.   

Operating as an independent primary care clinic offers benefits for staff, physicians and patients. 

Benefits for Staff

  • Greater accessibility to influencers  
  • Opportunities for involvement with the doctors and committees 
  • Needed changes can be implemented quickly
  • A more connected, family-like atmosphere
  • Less organizational layers
  • Feel closer and more part of the team
  • More chances to be heard

Benefits for Physicians

  • Great autonomy in practicing medicine
  • Opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business - HR, Marketing, Finance, etc.
  • Ability to impact the clinic in ways that go beyond practicing medicine
  • Be part of all decision-making 
  • No ties to a referral network of specialists
  • Freedom to offer clients all of their choices - all of the time

Benefits for Patients 

  • Improved quality of care
  • Reduced health care costs 
  • More involvement in referrals to specialty care
  • Comprehensive, convenient and personalized care
  • Decisions about health care are made by the patient and their physician - not a corporate office