E-Visit Billing Notice

Notice Regarding E-Visits with Your Clinician

Beginning 01/01/2024, some non-urgent FollowMyHealth portal messages submitted by patients may be billed. While most messages will NOT be billed, some messages require more time for review and response. If replying to a message takes more than five minutes and requires clinical judgement, the clinician may bill your insurance for medical advice messaging.

With virtual options becoming a standard part of health care, many insurance companies now recognize FollowMyHealth medical advice messaging, and this fee is typically covered by insurance.  With many of our peer health care systems having already moved to this model, we wish to provide the most update and accessible medical care we can.  After careful review, we see this change as a way to ensure our clinician has the time they need to review and respond appropriately to your concerns, just as they would with an in-person or video visit.

What type of FollowMyHealth messages will be billed to insurance?

Most FollowMyHealth messages you send will NOT be billed, but here are some examples of patient-initiated messages that qualify as medical advice messaging that may be billed:

  • A new issue or symptom requiring medical assessment or referral
  • Adjusting medications
  • Chronic disease check-in and management
  • Flare up or change in chronic condition.

The E-Visit charge will vary depending on the length of time your provider requires to appropriately address your medical concern.  This service fee will range from $50 to $150.