As a physician-owned clinic we truly value our patients. We put you first. Our goal is to provide comprehensive family medical care by offering as many services and procedures as possible for your convenience.

Why Northwest Family Clinics – Your Medical Home

Northwest Family Clinics provides collaborative team care that is centered on you.

You are at the center of your care

Your care team is comprised of your primary care physician, your care coordinator, your provider’s medical assistant, clinic nurses, the clinic support staff, and may include specialists, pharmacists, and a family member, if you choose. The main advantage of this approach to medical care is that your care is comprehensive, coordinated, and delivered by a team of health care professionals who know you.  These individuals are in frequent communication and have your well-being as their number one priority. 

Everyone involved in your care is knowledgeable about all aspects of your health including: medical history, medical conditions and short and long-term goals.  This builds strong, long-lasting and trusting relationships with providers and staff.

We meet patients where they are and treat patients with respect, dignity, and compassion.


Our level of high-quality comprehensive family health care is second to none, and we are proud of the care we deliver to each patient.

Northwest Family is your medical home.


Patient Testimonials
“Our family doctor that we have seen forever. We love and trust NWFP.”
Rachelle S.
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“Kind, patient, helpful everyone…receptionist, intake nurse, MD, lab!!! Follow up call from MD with lab results we were concerned about.”
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“This was the best experience I have had with a medical provider!”
Jill J.
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“I’ve been going to NW family physicians for 40 years. Have always had a good experience.”
Anita Y.
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“I go to this clinic because of my doctor. She is absolutely wonderful. I feel that everyone is very helpful and friendly also.”
Dawn A.
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“Fast, friendly, considerate, all staff met my needs.”
Joyce B.
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“Very friendly, informative, and well versed. Felt well taken care of by the doctor and all the staff.”
James H.
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“Without question a wonderful experience that resonates patient care. Sorry I hadn’t know this care facility earlier!...”
Jim J.
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“…I LOVE this clinic and everyone I have had contact with here. My doctor treats me with respect and looks for my input before making final decisions about medications or referrals. She always takes time to answer questions, and it is clear to me that she remembers me from one visit to the next (and I am not here every week!). Once I needed a PT appointment for dizziness, and they took me in immediately in order that I could get relief quickly. The front desk has always retuned my smiles and good humor.”
Leann S.
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