A Health Care Home (also known as Medical Home) is a team-based approach to providing primary care to patients. Health Care Homes use a team of healthcare professionals (your PCP, nurses, care coordinators, medical assistants, lab techs, administrators, pharmacist, specialists) who work together to improve your health and quality of life. This is especially important for individuals living with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities.

Who is on the care team?

Your care team is comprised of your primary care provider, care coordinator, clinic support staff, specialists, your family and you!

How is the care different than what I am currently receiving?

Health Care Homes make it easier for you to communicate and partner with your care team. Your care coordinator develops a relationship with you and/or your family and works to coordinate care and achieve better health. 

As a Health Care Home participant:

  • You will have a care coordinator. This is a person who will be familiar with you and your medical conditions, serve as a contact for you between visits with your primary care provider, and assist with coordinating resources across the care team.
  • You will be part of a care team. Your care team will consist of you, your provider, your care coordinator, your provider’s medical assistant and a family member if you choose. Each of these people will be knowledgeable about your medical conditions, your medications, your medical care outside of our clinic, and your short and long term goals for your health.
  • You will have a care plan. This is a document which lists your medications, your chronic medical problems, your provider’s name (and any specialists you may see), and your short and long term health goals. The care plan will be updated with each office visit and hospitalization, and a copy will be provided to you. This will help with coordination of care among our clinic, specialists, hospitals and will help ensure you are getting the best possible care.

Do I have to participate in Health Care Home or Chronic Care Management?

No. Participation in Health Care Home is voluntary. 

Does my insurance cover Health Care Home and Chronic Care Management?

Insurance coverage varies. Northwest Family Clinics will bill your insurance carrier. If you have any questions regarding coverage, please contact your insurance carrier.