What does an obstetrician do?

An obstetrician specializes in obstetrics. This includes all aspects of pregnancy, from prenatal care to post-natal care. An obstetrician can provide guidance to help you get pregnant and prepare for a healthy pregnancy through pre-conception visits. Additionally, they will help you to have a healthy pregnancy, deliver a healthy baby, and care for you after baby is born. Our Family Medicine OB physicians have special interest and training in providing this OB/Gyn care.

Additional Women’s Health Services

Meet our family medicine obstetricians

Are you looking for OB/Gyn care? With several family doctors specializing in obstetrics and women’s health, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Dr. Jennifer Purifoy
Rogers Clinic

Dr. Jennifer Riley
Crystal Clinic

Dr. Erica Gathje
Plymouth Clinic

Dr. Yazdaan Juma
Plymouth Clinic
(Prenatal care)

We strongly encourage you to establish care with one provider. This primary provider will be selected at your initial pregnancy visit and will care for you throughout your pregnancy. Unique to Family Medicine, our goal is to be there with you during your pregnancy, and for delivery!  If that is not possible, one of our partners will be there to assist you. 

We welcome babies into the world at both North Memorial Medical Center and Maple Grove Hospital. Should you require a c-section or have higher risk complications we will collaborate with OB/Gyn surgeons and specialists to ensure you have the level of care needed.

As family doctors, we are unique physicians who will see you through your pregnancy, deliver your baby, and will continue to take care of you and your baby long after delivery. There is no other type of doctor that can provide such comprehensive care across all ages.

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Patient Testimonials


“Dr. Riley is compassionate and thorough. I trust her judgment. She is great with my kids, and she was wonderful while I was pregnant as well! I trusted Dr. Riley delivering my babies and feel very comfortable around her. Highly recommend!”
Brody H.
Zoc Doc review
“Dr. Riley took a very kind and empathetic approach to listening to a tough visit. I felt heard and understood and validated, and she was patient and thorough.”
Ashley R.
Zoc Doc review
“I love Dr. Purifoy. She goes above and beyond. She delivered my youngest and has only been my doctor for a little under a year, and I couldn’t be happier. Nothing better than feeling as if your Doctor is a close friend. High recommend.”
Angela E.
Zoc Doc review
“Dr. Agujiobi is amazing!! Makes me feel very comfortable. It is always a great experience. One of the best by far.”
Initals hidden
Zoc Doc review
“If I could give 10 stars I would. I was trying to find an OB doctor, and it’s like Dr. Agujiobi fell from the sky! She made me feel soo comfortable, and I very much so look forward to continuing my journey with her! She’s amazing! Northwest is very lucky to have her.”
CaShannah B.
Google review
“She is a great doctor and good listener. I can feel that Dr. Tam cares about her patients.”
Initials hidden
Zoc Doc review
“Dr. Tam goes above and beyond for her patients. She listens, cares, and helps. I have been a patient of hers for over 6 years now and will never see anyone else.”
Initials hidden
Zoc Doc review
“I have never been so happy to go to the doctor before. I enjoy seeing Dr. Purifoy because she is always so kind, caring, and helpful with my two little boys. And nurse Regina is the best!!”
Ryder C.
Zoc Doc review

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