How to Get Your Children to Eat a Wide Variety of Foods

Posted at 1:15 PM on Sep 8, 2021


If you have a picky eater in your home you are not alone. Many parents struggle to get their children to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods. Instead, they find themselves giving in to allowing their kids to eat mac n’ cheese and chicken nuggets for every meal. While these foods are fine in moderation we strongly encourage everyone to eat a variety of foods - adults and children alike.

Here Are Some Simple Tips to Get Your Children to Eat a Wide Variety of Foods

Give Them a Choice

Allow your kids to have a choice with the foods they eat. Take them to the grocery store and only visit the produce section. Let them then pick out fruits and veggies they’d like to try.

Make Their Favorites Loaded With Veggies

If your child is a mac n’ cheese fan, try making it by adding some veggies like spinach to it. If they are a chicken nugget fanatic try buying a more nutritious option that already contains vegetables in them. 

Start Them Young

If you already have a picky eater on your hand this can be tough, but if your child is just beginning to eat solid foods introduce them to veggies right away. Get them used to eating all types of fruits and vegetables with every meal.

Hide Them

Sometimes it is necessary to hide their veggies. The sight of anything green may be enough for your child to push their plate away and refuse to eat. In cases like this, you need to get creative and learn to cook with vegetables without them knowing it. Smoothies can be a great way to pack in numerous fruits and vegetables. Your child will enjoy a tasty drink and can will feel rest assured they are getting the proper nutrition. See our kid-friendly green smoothie recipe here.

Be Patient and Flexible

Remember to be patient and do your best when it comes to getting your picky eater to eat new foods. Be flexible and know that sometimes you may have to try different strategies to get those important fruits and vegetables into their diet.