What is a Healthy Diet?

Posted at 4:39 PM on Apr 9, 2020

Healthy is a word that seems to change as the diet trends come and go, leaving many of us to wonder, “What is a healthy diet?” Well, we are here to tell you that a “healthy diet” is not trendy and ultimately will be able to stand the test of time. It is also not an exact science, meaning one diet may not work for everyone, as every "body" is unique. Meaning, when it comes to “trendy” diets you should be wary of any diet making very definitive claims.

What is a Healthy Diet

We want to clear up some confusion about what qualifies a “healthy diet” by debunking some diet myths and providing some tips to keeping it simple to eat a nutritious diet.

What is a Healthy Diet - Debunking Diet Myths

Diet Equals Restriction

When we hear the word “diet” many of us tend to have a very negative reaction immediately tying this term to restriction, hunger, controlling food portions, etc. However, in reality, the word simply means the foods a person habitually eats. So, a “diet” is not a negative term whatsoever, it is the meaning that we are choosing to put behind it. Aim to change your perception of the word, thinking of it as simply your pattern and choosing the foods you consume.

Healthy is Bland and Boring

This could not be further from the truth! The term “healthy” should be linked with eating whole natural and minimally processed foods, which admittedly may lead you to envision eating nothing except plain rice and raw veggies - which is not the case! The most nutritious and healthy foods are those that are naturally occurring and these are incredibly delicious when they are properly prepared. You may have to get a bit more comfortable in your chef’s hat and learn how to best prepare natural whole foods. Tip, think about shopping only the outer isles of your grocery store to keep it simple!

Certain Food Groups Should be Avoided

We do not agree that any food groups should be completely avoided unless you have a food allergy. Aim to eat a wide variety of whole natural foods, which for most of us means, some items from every food group daily.

Losing Weight Means You Need to be in a Caloric Deficit

This is a tough one, as more research is showing that weight loss is a much more complex process than the popular opinion that energy expended must be higher than energy into the body (you need to burn more calories than you are eating). If weight loss is your goal, we highly recommend consulting with your physician, as they may recommend a visit to a dietician to best help you with your individual weight loss goals.

Additional Resources

Nutrition can be a quite complex topic and if you do have concerns regarding your diet, always consult your physician as they can help you find reliable resources, such as a meeting with a trained dietician, to help answer any of your questions.

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