From pap smears to baby delivery, Northwest Family Clinics welcomes the opportunity to become your trusted medical partner. With 6 doctors specializing in Women’s Health, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Maternity Care, Prenatal Care, Baby Delivery

Northwest Family Physicians provides expert obstetric care, including prenatal visits and baby delivery. Many patients prefer a family-focused clinic that can take care of the mother's pregnancy and delivery, while also managing the care of their new babies and other children. 

We strongly encourage you to establish care with one provider. This primary provider will be selected at your initial pregnancy visit and will follow you throughout your pregnancy. Ideally, this physician will be available for your delivery. If that is not possible, one of our partners will be there to assist you. 

We welcome babies into the world at both North Memorial Medical Center and Maple Grove Hospitals. 


We offer a wide range of routine gynecologic care including: Pap smears, breast exams, hormone management and contraceptive management. Additional services include: IUD insertion, endometrial biopsy for abnormal bleeding, and colposcopy evaluation of abnormal pap smears. 

Endometrial Biopsy 
Endometrial biopsy is a safe and effective method for evaluation of the tissue lining inside of the uterus (or womb) for the presence of cancer or precancerous cells. Most women who have this procedure done have abnormal uterine bleeding, or prolonged absence of their period (amenorrhea). A plastic catheter is slipped into the uterus, and a small amount of the endometrial lining is suctioned into the catheter. The sample is sent to the hospital for examination by a specialist physician called a pathologist. Once the report of the tissue examination is completed, your doctor will want to talk to you about the treatment plan that is best for you.

Colposcopy is the examination of a woman's cervix and genital tissues with a special microscope called a colposcope. Colposcope's are often performed after an abnormal Pap smear to examine for abnormal growths or to rule out cancer. The Pap smear is a good screening test for disease, but results can be incorrect up to 30% of the time. Colposcopy can predict more accurately the extent of disease on the cervix. If the tissue appears abnormal, the doctor will perform scraping and biopsies. The small pieces of tissue removed are examined at the hospital by a specialist physician called a pathologist. Your doctor will want to talk to you about the treatment plan that is best for you once the report of the tissue examination is completed.