From exercise and heart disease, prostate cancer awareness and stress management, to issues at your job - we’re here to help you stay informed about your health and take precautions when necessary. Your personal well-being is our priority.

Men’s Health Threats

Did you know the top men’s health threats include; cardiovascular disease, cancer, and unintentional injury? The good news is that many of these common health threats are largely preventable by making healthy lifestyle choices as well as by visiting your physician for routine checkups.

It is tempting to ignore your health when you are feeling good, but you should make your health a top priority today instead of an afterthought later. Regular checkups with your trusted physician are just one of the many ways you may prevent future disease.

Common Men’s Health Concerns

In order to best support men’s health and wellbeing, our services address many common health concerns that many men have.  

These concerns include:

  • Injuries
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Prostate cancer
  • Infertility
  • Alcohol usage
  • Diabetes
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and infections
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory issues

Not only do our services cater to common issues or health concerns men may have, we are also equipped to handle slightly more uncommon issues and can refer our patients to a specialist if needed.

Routine Screenings and Symptoms NOT to Ignore

Catching disease early is critical to successful treatment and even prevention of certain illnesses. This can be done through routine screenings, which include:

  • Blood pressure test
  • Cholesterol test
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Colon cancer screening
  • Skin cancer check
  • Diabetes check

Not only may routine screenings help in the prevention and early detection of illnesses but knowing when to seek medical attention for certain symptoms is essential.

Here are some symptoms not to ignore and to seek an opinion from a medical physician on:

  • Change in mole color and shape
  • Excessive snoring
  • Excessive thirst and frequent urination
  • Trouble urinating
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lump on testicle/s
  • Blood in urine or feces
  • Chest pain and shortness of breath – call 911

Don't see your symptom? When in doubt, make an appointment to see your regular physician to have any unusual symptoms checked out. It is always good to simply err on the side of caution!



Colon cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States. The Colonoscopy procedure is an extremely effective tool in the prevention and early detection of colon cancer. Many lives are saved if precancerous growths (polyps) are discovered before they become cancerous. If colon cancer is detected, earlier is better. Early detection of colon cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.

If you are 45 years of age or older, talk with your provider about scheduling this important screening procedure. We offer screening colonoscopies at each of our three clinics. Click here for more info on colonoscopy including procedure prep instructions.


For patients with persistent acid reflux, gastritis, difficulty swallowing and some types of abdominal pain, we offer upper endoscopies. These are available at our Crystal location and are performed by Dr. Chris Stuart.


Vasectomy is a form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to your semen or ejaculate. It's done by cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm. It is >99% effective at permanently preventing pregnancy. Vasectomies are most often performed in a simple outpatient procedure that lasts just 20-30 minutes. Northwest family offers vasectomies at our Rogers clinic with Dr. Gregory Frane.

Joint Injections

Joint injections are non-surgical procedures that apply a solution of anesthetic and corticosteroid directly to damaged, painful joint tissue. Sometime excess fluid is also removed from a joint. At Northwest Family, we routinely perform knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, finger & toe joint injections. We also perform injections to treat plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and De Quervain tenosynovitis.

Minor Office Procedures

Northwest Family Clinics perform many minor surgical procedures right in our offices. Procedures are performed by our own skilled physicians and are typically quicker and more cost-effective than hospital alternatives. Some procedures include:

  • Laceration repair
  • Skin biopsy
  • Incision and drainage of skin lesions
  • Toenail removal
  • Cryotherapy
  • Mole removal
  • Joint injections
  • Ear wax removal
  • Sebaceous cyst removal

Click here for all procedures and specialty services at Northwest Family.

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