family medicine & medical care

Maternity Care, Prenatal Care, Baby Delivery

Northwest Family Physicians provides obstetric care including prenatal visits and baby delivery. Many patients prefer a family oriented clinic that can take care of the mother's pregnancy and delivery as well as managing the care of their babies and other children. We encourage you to establish care with one provider, this will be arranged at your initial pregnancy visit. As your primary provider we will follow you throughout your pregnancy and it is our goal to be available for your delivery. If your primary provider cannot be available, one of their partners is always on call and will be there for you. We deliver babies at both North Memorial Medical Center and Maple Grove Hospitals. 

Allergy Injections & Testing

Allergy skin testing is available at Northwest Family Physicians clinic. This involves pricking the skin onto which a drop of allergen has been placed. There is very little pain and children as well as adults can be tested without problem. The testing takes approximately twenty minutes. Common allergies that can be diagnosed by this method include trees, grasses, weeds such as ragweed, molds, dust and pets. Medications may be prescribed depending on results. Allergy shots may be needed as well. Food allergies are not reliably diagnosed by this kind of testing but other tests can be done to determine food allergy. 

Symptoms that may indicate an allergy are persistent stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, skin rash, and wheezing, cough or shortness of breath. Patients with asthma and recurrent colds, sinus infections or ear infections as well as other conditions may need to be tested as well. Discuss with your provider whether allergy testing might be appropriate for you.

Fracture Care and Casting

Northwest Family Physicians is able to treat many common fractures and sprains. This may include casting or splinting the injured area. When necessary we can arrange a referral to an orthopedic surgeon for more serious or complicated cases. 

Dietary & Nutrition Counseling

Registered Dietitian services are tailored to meet an individual's nutritional requirements taking into consideration lifestyle and food preferences. Suggestions for recipes, menus, and eating away from home are discussed. 

If you are referred by your provider for a medical diet for problems such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, allergies, weight gain, as well as many others, a personalized nutrition and dietary program will be prepared for you. 

An individual weight control program is also available with recommendations for lifelong improvements in eating and exercise. No foods are restricted. Follow-up consultations can be scheduled for support and encouragement. 

Many insurance companies reimburse for nutrition counseling. Please check with your provider for a referral and your insurance carrier for coverage information.

Health Care Home

Northwest Family Physicians is a certified health care home.  A health care home (also known as medical home) is not a place, but a new approach to care in the primary care setting.  Health care homes use a care team, care coordinator, and care plan to improve your health and quality of life when living with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities. Read more.


Northwest Family Physicians offers a large range of laboratory services. Almost all blood tests can be drawn here. We perform many tests in our own clinic and the other tests are sent to LabCorp for analysis. Most test results are available in one week; however a few very specialized tests may take longer. We also perform rapid strep tests and urine pregnancy tests by patient request. These test results are done while you wait. If you have blood work ordered by a specialist, bring in your order and we will send the results to your specialist.

Travel Clinic

Visit the Northwest Family Physicians Travel Clinic prior to overseas travel.  By visiting the travel clinic you can obtain needed vaccinations and disease information specific to the area you are visiting.

Women's Health Care

Routine gynecology care including: pap smears, breast exams, hormone management, and contraceptive management. Other services include IUD insertion, endometrial biopsy for abnormal bleeding, and colposcopy evaluation of abnormal pap smears. We offer the best in health care for women!

Occupational Health

- Workers Compensation Injuries
- Department of Transportation Physicals
         * Certified Providers
- Drug Screen DOT and N-DOT
         * Certified Collectors
- Breath Alcohol DOT and N-DOT
         * Certified Technicians